Flash Tuning is the term used when connecting a car to a computer in order to identify and fix faults that could affect the performance of your vehicle; also a very common term used is ECU remapping or programming.

The warning lights vary from vehicle to vehicle and some lights can mean many things without proper programming skills and tools you could be ramping up repair costs at your local garage or simply driving around with hidden faults, far too many mechanics are afraid of computers and continue to diagnose with guess work by pretending the ECU plug does not exist

When it comes to ECU remapping or programming there’s not one size fits all, even if you have the exact same car mainly due to wear and tear which is related to driving times and styles, the quality of the maintenance service and the quality of the products used which is too often driven by budget.

Here at Flash Tuning Ltd, we know that ECU plug on your motor is not there just because it looks good or for aesthetics, it’s there for a good reason. use it to your full advantage.

Book your full diagnosis for only £30 and find out how we can personalize your motor to your needs in under 1 hour 45 minutes and help you save big money by avoiding old style diagnosis guessing mechanics.